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Music is My Life...

Love is My Mission...

Born and raised in San Antonio, TX, Aubree-Anna was first placed in a foster home (her foster parents named her Elizabeth) and she was adopted at 17 days old by beautiful blond hair, blue eyed, pianist MaryLynne & Air force Officer (now retired Lt. Col), Dr. Steve Wilson. Her mother was told she only had one year to live after almost dying giving birth to her brother, so after many years later of living she pursued her dream of having a girl through adoption. Her mother had a distinct dream of a toddler, with no face but long curly brown hair, so from the moment she first laid eyes on baby Aubree-Anna she knew it was meant to be. They named her after the song “Aubrey” by the group “Bread” and she grew up in a musical home, filled with memories of her mother playing and teaching piano. Today, Aubree-Anna attributes her keen pitch and tone to her mother’s playing.



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