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Aubree-Anna is so fun and full of life, laughter, and smiles all the time, so it is interesting to note that a lot of her paintings are quite serious. 

Her use of color and interpretation of emotion, especially in the eyes, is unique to her individual style.



More Than a Singer

A True Artist...


In every sense of the word. Aubree-Anna is a true artist. In addition to being a gifted singer, entertainer and a natural on camera. She has headlined alongside Grammy award winners, WinStar World Casino & Resort (The largest Casino in the world), The historic Warwick Melrose Hotel in Dallas, she graced the cover of D Magazine's prestigious "Best of Big D" issue as the Best Lounge Singer in Dallas, she was awarded her own F.A.M.E. Star Plaque Award in Hollywood, CA, and hosted & produced her own show called "Country Music News with Aubree-Anna" on The Country Network (TCN) - this show won a Telly Award. Please see full bio & information at Aubree-Anna's website here: ( In addition to all this she is also an amazing visual artist. Adopted as baby afforded her a unique outlook on life and the world around her. She did her first drawing when she was just 2 years old. She began to cultivate her craft with drawing, pencil to charcoal, and then moved into water colors. She soon after found her love for acrylic and oil paints and mixed-media. Aubree-Anna specializes in color and black and white, Acrylic and Oil paintings of people, with a passion for women, children, the elderly, and multi-cultures around the world. Aubree-Anna's recent findings from Ancestry DNA has unearthed a whole unknown lineage of heritage for which she now understands where her passion stems from, to create this original art.


From Aubree-Anna


  “When I work with color, I like bold and bright, like my personality.  But then black & white is cool because it forces you to become blind to color and use more imagination. I love to paint eyes - they tell everything about a person, you can see deep into their soul.  Therefore, I hope that when I paint eyes, people will be able to see into the painting, and what I was trying to express through it. I tend to work large scale on big canvases—not working smaller than a 16 X 20, preferably a 20 X 30 or larger.  It’s funny though, ever since I started painting, that I always seem to go off the canvas—the larger the canvas, the less room I seem to have!”


Artistic Style


Aubree-Anna's painting style can best be described as “Impressionism” or “Contemporary".  She uses very expressive brush stokes, and experimentation that combines different styles into one, making it very unique. She calls her paintings “Expressive & Emotional”.  Aubree-Anna works from pictures a lot, and likes to combine features of different people to create someone new.




Please refer to the FAQ page for questions on process, and information on museum quality prints, whether canvas or paper prints. Also, when clicking on some of the artwork you will have an option to "See Your Artwork in a Space".




Each original artwork is carefully duplicated to look like the original canvas, down to the color, detail, and hand brush strokes that Aubree-Anna adds to each giclee painting replica. Aubree-Anna also hand signs each piece of artwork. It will be like having your very own original artwork piece from Aubree-Anna hanging in your home or office. These replicas are museum quality canvas or museum quality paper prints. Some art will be original replicas from scratch on canvas, and therefore the  pricing will be different. All of these art pieces whether museum prints or original from scratch, makes a perfect  and one of a kind gift to yourself or someone else. 

Turn Around Time:

Generally 4-6 weeks depending on painting. Need it expedited? Please call to discuss.


Should I choose paper or canvas art print?

What is a canvas print?

A canvas print is an image printed on woven fabric that is often stretched or rolled. Stretched canvas is the canvas material stretched over a wooden frame (also known as stretcher bars) and is ready-to-hang; it’s great for an instant gallery-style display. Rolled canvas, or unstretched canvas, is just the canvas itself without the stretcher bars – ideal for prints that don’t require stretching and framing just yet. You can do it yourself later on, but we highly recommend seeking help from a professional framer for best results.

Canvas prints do not need glass frames, which makes them lighter than glass-framed prints. Instead, they receive a coating to protect them from scratches or smudges, and can be displayed in any kind of lighting without glare or reflection. While canvas prints don’t require frames, you can still choose to display them in a frame of your choice. There are various styles available in the marketplace that can instantly change the overall look.


Printing on canvas may be more expensive up front, but when you consider the cost of glass frames for fine art prints, canvas becomes more budget-friendly in the long run.


Timeless appeal Canvas print is a classic piece of art that can make any area look like a gallery. Its texture is one of its most appealing features offering a tactile sensation that adds dimension to an otherwise flat picture. The way light reflects off the canvas surface gives the print a rich depth in color and sophisticated feel.

Long-lasting Canvas is sturdy and durable, making it an ideal option for prints that will last over time. It isn’t as prone to yellowing, fading, creases, and damages as much as paper is, so you don’t need heavy glass frames to protect it.


What is a paper print? 

A fine art paper print is an image printed on acid free paper using archival quality ink. This combination prevents the print from yellowing or fading and has a much longer lifespan than other types of paper. These materials are often used to produce “museum quality” prints. 

Traditional medium Fine art paper prints are a versatile print medium because they are accessible to many and appeal to most people. Paper has been widely used for image reproduction since olden times and remains one of the best and most popular options, especially for photography.

Countless options for frames Frames are easily interchangeable, allowing you to choose different styles depending on the occasion, your room’s décor, or your personal taste. The best part about framed pictures is that they work well in any area of your home because you can easily change them out according to the mood of your space. And with paper prints, you can either change the print or the frame with ease.

Wide variety of paper options A variety of textures, surfaces, and weights are available depending on your work needs. The smooth and glossy papers are great for displaying the sharpness and elaborate details of photographs or artwork., while matte and textured papers add depth to photos and art piece without distracting from the image itself.



Glare and reflections from the frames In order to keep paper prints looking fresh and pristine, they are usually framed behind glass. However, the reflection and glare from the glass can be distracting when displayed.

It’s good to remember that different types of art work best with different print media. Graphite sketches, for instance, are more appropriate for fine art paper than canvas. Artworks created on paper with pens, pastels, ink, watercolor, and pencil look better on fine art paper. Oil and acrylic paintings give a more realistic feel when reproduced/printed on canvas.


While they are both amazing, they each offer different benefits. One thing in common is that they both make beautiful artwork. Whenever you decide to buy, make sure to determine what’s significant to you. We hope this helps in learning about the differences between paper and canvas prints and assist you to choose the best product for your needs.





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