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Benita is a singer in a seedy bar in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico. Benita's character is strong willed, but yet has a little naivety towards her outlook on life, people, and the hope for change. She refuses to go and live with her wealthy family in El Paso because she feels she’d be better off in the middle of terror sometimes then she would walking around a mansion that was built on the backs of the poor of Mexico, and greeted by the fake smiles of some of Mexico’s wealthiest men. She has a love, hate relationship with her sister Esmeralda, mostly due to her frustration of the corruption she wishes Esmeralda would fully understand. Music is Benita’s way of sharing her heart and communicating with the world. So in a small smokey bar, she begins to sing, and it seems in that moment, all the troubles of her Country seem to fade away into the darkness. She sings about Juarez, a place that once was filled with life, laughter, and a refreshing innocence, that now is replaced with fear. Her tears fall down her cheeks as she hurts for the girls that will never see a life, the mothers that weep for their missing daughters, a Country that she feels they must somehow change. The patrons in the bar seem to silence as her angelic voice pours into the crowded room...This is...Benita's Cry...

Benita's Cry - Written by Aubree-Anna
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